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Shaker Landscape

©2001 John Hultgren, Louisville, Kentucky
Photo may not be reproduced, copied, archived, or retransmitted without permission.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky
N 37° 49.128' W 84° 44.310'

The Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, Kentucky, is the largest historic community of its kind in America and a National Historic Landmark. The Pleasant Hill Shakers came principally from central Kentucky and were first or second generation descendants of the pioneers who settled the Kentucky River frontier in the eighteenth century. They were industrious farmers accustomed to overcoming hardships by using their own canny ingenuity and determination, a self-sufficiency that stood them well in establishing a utopia in the wilderness.

Hasselblad 503CX camera with Kodak VC 160 film 10/26/2001 Afternoon

This photograph was awarded Honorable Mention in the 2007 Kentucky State Fair Fine Arts Division (Kentucky Named Place Photography Class).

LandscapeShakerShaker Village of Pleasant HillKentucky

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