John Hultgren Photography

John Hultgren is a Louisville, Kentucky, photographer specializing in outdoor nature photography sold primarily at regional art shows.

John is also a Kentucky licensed Paramedic who began his EMS career over 48 years ago as a volunteer while in high school. A photojournalism major in college, he joined the first generation of paramedics 40 years ago and has worked both as a paramedic, educator, supervisor, manager, and director for public and private EMS, Fire/EMS, and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, currently working in relationship management for Air Evac EMS Inc.

John’s photos have won awards and have been published in newspapers, magazines, and books. John’s photographs are true to his subjects and include no digital manipulation of shapes, forms, or colors. Wildlife subjects are left undisturbed in their natural environment. Film and digital images are carefully processed and professionally color managed to ensure a faithful color reproduction.

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