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John Hultgren is a Louisville, Kentucky, photographer specializing in outdoor and nature photography.

Originally a photojournalist, John has worked in the fire service and the field of emergency medical services since 1969, including 16 years in the helicopter air medical industry.

His photos have won awards and have been printed in newspapers, magazines, books (and even on soda bottles) and are displayed in U.S. Congressional offices. John is a contributing photographer to Google Earth.

John's photographs are true to his subjects and include no digital manipulation of shapes, forms, or colors. Wildlife subjects are left undisturbed in their natural environment. Film and digital images are carefully processed and professionally color managed to ensure faithful color reproduction.

Our photographs, sold primarily at regional art shows, are printed on either Kodak Edge, Kodak Professional Endura, or Kodak Supra Endura photographic papers processed through professional photographic chemicals. These photographic papers have been carefully chosen for their ability to reproduce a wide range of colors and densities from our original image and for their outstanding archival characteristics (rated 50-plus years). Frames, mats and packaging are carefully selected to provide you with a 100% archival-quality product. Selected prints 20x30 and larger are editioned.

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